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                 Spring & Fall maintenance tips




                       Things you can do yourself to keep your Home safe

                      * If not comfortable doing any of this items? Call a professional *

  •  Have your new home tested for radon. Radon Information

  •  Look at the roof for evidence of damage to roof covering, flashing and chimney

  •  Look in the attic (if accessible) for roof vents that might be obstructed. Look    for leaks, condensation or vermin activity. Level out any uneven insulation.

  •  Trim back tree branches and shrubs to ensure that they don't contact with the house.

  •  Look at the exterior walls and foundation for evidence of damage, cracking or movement. Watch for bird nests or other vermin or insects.

  •  Look at basement walls and or crawl space for moisture evidence.

  •  Check to make sure your sump pump is working.

  •  Look at utility wires. They should be secure and clear of trees or other obstructions.

  •  Check your Electric Panel. If you have a Federal Pacific Panel or FPE Click here.

  •  Your grading around the house should encourage water flow away from the       foundation.

  •  Inspect the driveway, walkways, decks and patio for any signs of movement or deterioration or any other safety issues.

  •  Test and clean all windows. Repair and caulk and weather stripping as necessary. look for any damage wood repair and paint if needed.

  •  Test all of your (GFCI) Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter. Contact a license electrician if it fails.

  •  In the fall, shut off all exterior hose bids.

  •  Look for evidence of any wood boring insects. Remove any wood soil contact around the perimeter of your home.

  •  Test your garage door to make sure the auto reverse system is working properly. Clean all lubricate hinges, rollers and tracks.

  •  Replace or clean furnace and hood filter.

  •  Inspect and clean all your appliances and service them per the manufacture's specifications.                      


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